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    its been back up for like 10 minutes.
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    Lets make the Server Grow!!! Vamos a ayudar al Server a Crecer!!

    why would he ban you for advertising the server? :p
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    WTB Zombie Ring

    WTB ZOMBIE RING for DC or adena.. pm "Nuker price
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    Necro lf clan

    Looking to join a clan, ive found the server from hopzone and I want to have fun with some people, I dont play hardcore but usualy a few hours everyday, maining soultaker
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    LF Eng speaking Clan

    Did you ever find one?
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    5GB in 2022 is 15minutes max stop QQ
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    I made my 4 accounts, rdy to go LETS GO :D
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    Epics on start>?

    I did not get to play beta test but I am wondering if epic raids will be killed on start or no?
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    LF Eng speaking Clan

    Same here, will main Necro or bishop if clan is active