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    Bug item Premiun

    Trata de escribirle al GM en ingles, sabe poco o nada de español
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    Infinity Axe PK Exploit BUG

    And I dont think Nightmare is "threateaning" the GM. I think that he means that if people keep searching for things to ruin other people experience in the game without consequences, people would start to leave the server and then the server would die. Yesterday when it happend I have seen alot...
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    Infinity Axe PK Exploit BUG

    Like it or not, there is an autofarm mechanic on the server. If you find out I dont know how or why a way to make people Red or pk, when they are afk farming its technically a exploit by definition. A exploit for the people that spoke in this thread and clearly dont know what it is, its a flaw...