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    Mithril Mine Rat Bug

    Hei Admins, some of the Rat Mobs in Mithril Mines have again 15k Pdef but not all of em. Just as info! Thanks!
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    Subclass Soulshot Spiritshot

    Hi Rockstar, i made a new Char and i discovered that i cant use Soulshots ot Spiritshots on the Subclass. Restart of the Client doesnt help. Also change to other Subclass and back doesnt. Maybe there is an issue?
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    Vote Coin Reward

    Again there is an issue with it i tried everything out refreshing other browser etc. no chance to get Reward...
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    Vote Coin Reward

    Hello Rockstar, since 3 Days now i get as reward only 1 Vote Coin instead of 2 like befor. It also looks like that Hopezone needs very long to load. I tested already another Browser but it dont change anything. Maybe someone else had any issues like that? Thank you!
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    It looks like autofarm dont work realy sonce the crash
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    Droprate Elementstones

    Hi Rockstar, it looks like that the Droprate of Elementalstones decressed Dramatically especially in Hellbound for Holy Stones. Maybe u can check if something is wrong. Im still kinda new Player and its nearly Impossible to get them :D THanks!
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    Strider Quest

    I found out what the problem was. Thx
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    Strider Quest

    Me too but it looks like the NPC dont "reset" the mobs around the Trees should spawn after i talked to the Tree. But they already there and keep spawning.
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    Strider Quest

    Hi Rockstar, i tried to make the Strider Quest, but i cant talk to the Tree NPC as normaly i can only attack and that way i cant do it. I tried every Tree of the quest and its always the same. Maybe bugged? Would be cool if u can check this thanks!
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    Damage SOA

    Also new that on Autofarm my Spoiler dont use Sweeper anymore maybe u can check that please
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    Damage SOA

    Since Few days i got the Issue that i cannot farm anymore on SOA like befor. I have Improfed Equipment even Epics since few days since than i keep dying. I tried everything out. Where there some changes? Couse the Damage i do is much less than befor.
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    Nobless Quest

    Hi, my Noblessquest got Bugged on another char. I cant finish it can u reset it for me on the Char? Name ist TittyTwister