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    Official Launch Day

    The new L2axis server is launching on January 31, 2023 Read all about our server features here. And join our Discord channel here. We are looking forward to the BIG day and hope that all of you guys and...
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    Server Features

    Rates: * Experience and Skill Points are x15 higher than retail. * Drop and Spoil rates are x15 higher than retail. * Raid and Epic drops are x3 higher than retail. * Adena drop rates are x10 higher than retail. * Weight Limit is x10 higher than retail. (Premium Characters have +500%) * Knight's...
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    How to Donate

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    The New Discord Channel

    Join the new Discord channel. It is a work in progress.
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    Auto Create

    Game accounts are now Auto Create.
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    Class Balance Updates 11/5/22

    Use this thread for discussion of updates. A lot of work has been done with class and skill edits. But that does not mean everything is carved in stone. Feel free to describe your thoughts and observations calmly and rationally.
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    Weekly Castle Sieges

    Heads up! Castle sieges are weekly now. Remember, you will have to sign up to attack or defend a castle 24 hours in advance to participate.
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    PayPal Option Fixed

    The PayPal donate link on the website is working again. You can also still use the STRIPE option to donate from $1 to $99 USD.
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    New Donate Option

    Dear Axis Players, Because of limitations PayPal added to our donation option we have decided to use a different payment method. We are moving to here is a link you can use to donate between $1 to $99 USD. Please include your L2axis master account email...
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    Even though it can be done, it was not meant to be in H5. there are issues with some classes that don't work with lvl 85 subs.
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    Madness and Seal of Mirage

    It's just like all the other classes. Not all of the skills are available in .autofarm
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    Your welcome @Elewator, I'm glad you like our new event RB. We created this custom event for everyone playing on the server. I think it's awesome! I love it. and hope players do too. But it shouldn't surprise anyone who has read our server features.
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    Enchanted itens x npc traders

    Upgrades from Victor NPC only work with clean armor. I know that sucks but if he upgraded all armor it would lead to mass problems that I don't want to deal with, So remember only upgrade clean armor from Victor.
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    Friendly Reminder

    Do NOT use bot programs. I will find you eventually. I don't care who you are. I don't care what clan you are in. I don't care if you are a clan leader. I don't care if you donated. you will get banned if you bot. 7. Third-party (botting) software is forbidden. Punishment: [Severe] Varies from...
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    Stream Rewards

    Today :D use the Contact Staff thread to tell me your info. (Char name and master account email)
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    Adena / donator coin

    Looks like you don't know about Victor the Billionaire NPC. He spawns in Giran every Wednesday and Saturday. He has a lot of items you can buy with Adena.
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    Use the CONTACT STAFF section for questions like this.
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    make sure you are logged into your hopzone and topzone accounts, and dont use a vpn. I just voted no problem and got the rewards. (chrome browser)
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    Blue mobs spoil

    No we don't have blue spoils. For the best spoils stay within +/- 3 lvls of the mobs. If you want to farm a lot of something turn off your EXP.
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    The Discord channel is deleted. We are going to use this forum from now on.