Dagger badly settings


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Good afternoon everyone, I have a serious doubt about the damage of daggers yesterday I was killing a ramona with 2 titans with mid weapon +16 STR +1 agrumentation, STR +2 Talismans and one of the titans full epic jewels To this I add the pain of shillen buff and the appetite of destruction, pure damage characters (it should be noted that they are characters that easily kill freya hard) when 2 daggers appear, 1 wind rider and 1 ghost hunter together with an eva templar to which while said boss passed they outperform my titans in damage, is the damage of the daggers set wrong? being that they only had a +10 weapon and no epic jewels


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No daggers are not nerfed in any way. Some RBs and Mobs have a stat called ="isLethalImmune. All the Ramona RBs have that.