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Mar 9, 2022
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* Experience and Skill Points are x15 higher than retail.
* Drop and Spoil rates are x15 higher than retail.
* Raid and Epic drops are x3 higher than retail.
* Adena drop rates are x10 higher than retail.
* Weight Limit is x10 higher than retail. (Premium Characters have +500%)
* Knight's Epuallete drop is x2 higher than retail.
* Normal and Blessed Enchants have a 70% success rate, safe is +3 and maximum is +16.
* Elemental Stones have 50% success rate, and Element Crystals have 30% success rate.

* Gear up to S-grade(Dynasty included) can be purchased with adena in our community shop(Alt+B).
* You will acquire Gold/Silver/Bronze coins throughout playing the game and spend them in the community shop.
* Mana potions are available and restore 800MP with a 10-second cooldown.
* Drop/Trade/Sell of augmented items is possible.
* Herbs dropped - HP/MP/Vitality.
* Maximum Clients per PC is 5

Premium Character:
(You now have the option to buy premium with Vote Tokens.)
* +30% Experience/Skill points acquisition.
* +15% Adena/Drop/Spoil acquisition.
* +10% Fame acquisition.
* +15% Knight's Epuallette acquisition.
* +500% Weight Limit.
* Normal Crafting +5%, Masterwork Crafting +3%.
* +15% extra Enchant rate.
* +2-hour buff duration from any source(community/character/shops).

- 70% success rate for gear enchantment, Safe enchant +3, Max Enchant +16.
- 50% Elemental Stones chance, 30% Elemental Crystals chance.

- Skills are auto-learned.
- Forgotten Scrolls and Divine Inspiration skills must be learned manually with required items, all other skills are auto-learned.
- Buff slots are 24 (+4 Divine Inspiration), Dance/Song slots are 12, Triggers 12.


* 24(+4 with Divine Inspiration) normal buff slots. 12 dance/song slots. 12 trigger slots.
* Buffs from community buffer(Alt+B) are completely free.
* 3-hour community buffer(Alt+B) buffs.
* 3-hour character buffs(buffs that correspond to community buffer).
* 3-hour buff shop buffs(buffs that correspond to community buffer).
* Cancelled buffs return to the user after 30 seconds.

* 1st and 2nd class professions are free, 3rd class profession costs 5,000,000 adena.
* Hellbound quest is not needed. You can enter freely.
* Subclass quest is not needed. You can add subs after level 75.
* Transformation quest is not needed.
* Antharas/Valakas/Frintezza/Baium quests are needed, or you can buy them via the community shop.
* Freya Extreme quest chain is required. (Reunion with Sirra)
* Legendary Tales has a special command to track progress (.7rb).

PvP information:
* Olympiad runs on a weekly basis, Heroes are selected every Sunday.
* Olympiad Store - Purchase Vorpal, and Elegia armor with olympiad tokens
* Match results are publicly announced.
* All Epics zones are PvP and you are automatically flagged.
* Cancelled buffs are returned to the victim after 30 seconds.

Sieges/Territory War:
- Weekly - Flags will be returned to their owners at the start of each TW.
- Territory Wars has a 3-ward limit per clan.
- Fame acquisition is allowed for dead characters

Raids, Epics, and Instances:
- Raidboss status is available on our Alt+B menu.
- Most instanced raid bosses have reduced party requirements. Visit our website for specifics.
- Day Time and Night Time restrictions to enter Zaken removed.
- Permanent PvP zones: Core, Orfen, Ant Queen, Baium, Antharas, Valakas, Ancient Evil, Ixion, Pendragon.
- Level restricted zones: Ant Queen (level 45 max). Orfen (level 85 max). Core (level 55 max).
- Drops from Core, Orfen replaced with A-grade gear.

Custom Epic Bosses:
- Zones with custom Epic Bosses are PvP zones.
- [Epic - Ancient Evil] Ring of Ancient Evil, Vorpal, Enchants, Elements, and more.
- [Epic - Ixion] Earring of Ixion, Vorpal Armor Parts, Enchants, Elements, and more.
- [Epic - Pendragon] Necklace of Pendragon, Vorpal, Enchants, Elements, and more.
- [Epic - Ramona] Necklace of Ramona, Vorpal, Enchants, Elements, and more.

Custom Instances:
- Enter our exclusive instances from Giran, Dungeon Keeper.
* Melon Madness 1-9 characters to enter. Very simple task. Smash a few Melons and your party gets full vitality and the Bless of Vitality buff.(costs 1 vote token)
- Cave of the Queen 3-9 characters to enter.
* Boss - Queen's Minion drops A-Grade Armor, A-Grade Weapons.
- Venom's Fortress 3-9 chars to enter.
* Boss - Venom drops A-Grade Armor, A-Grade Weapons.
- Tower of Fate 3-9 chars to enter.
* Boss - Ancient Severer drops Moirai Armor, S-Grade Weapons.
- Baylor's Room 6-9 chars to enter.
* Boss - Baylor drops Vesper Armor, S80-Grade Weapons.
- Ramona's Challenge 9-36 characters to enter. (once weekly) (cost 20 vote tokens)
* Boss - 3 stages of Ramona (Young, Elite, and, Goddess) Drops Vesper, Vorpal, Mid and HGL, BEAS & BEWS,
- Crypt of Spirits upon entering you will have to defeat Ant Queen's Spirit, Ice Queen's Spirit, and Pirate King's Spirit (cost 10 vote tokens)

- [Super Lucky Pig] Event begins 1 hour after reboots, 15-hour intervals.
- Drop from Super Lucky Pig: Cloak of Lucky Pig, Earring of Pig, Beas, Bews, Golden Treasure Chest, Blessed Olf's Scroll, Hats, Neolithics, Higg Garde Raid Chest
- Earring of Pig stats: Resistance to Stun +20%, P. Atk. +6%, M. Atk. +6%
- Ice Queen's Spirit event RB first spawn 3h after rr, 15h interval.
- Drop from Ice Queen's Spirit: Beas, Bews, Vesper Armor Parts.
- Ant Queen's Spirit event RB first spawn 6h after rr, 17h interval.
- Drop from Ant Queen's Spirit: Beas, Bews, Vesper Armor Parts.
- Pirate King's Spirit event RB first spawn 9h after rr, 19h interval.
- Drop from Pirate King's Spirit: Beas, Bews, Vesper Armor Parts.
- Zombie Apocalypse event in Towns. Every Saturday and Sunday evening at 20:00 GMT.
- Drop from Zombies: Cloak of Zombie, Zombie Hat, Ring of Zombie, A-S Cry Gem, Packs with A-S shots, Element Stones, Element Crystals, B-S Enchant Scrolls, Olf's Enchant Scrolls, Vesper Noble Stones.
- Ring of Zombie stats: Increase Accuracy, P. Def. +6%, M. Def. +6%
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