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L2AXIS is making a test server available, anyone is welcome to volunteer their help. Thank you in advance.

Main Goal: Test stability of newer Java version, performance of core related upgrades and other systems such as AI, geoengine, many quests etc.

- The server is starting basic and barebone, AXIS exclusive features will be added periodically to test.
- All characters start with 10billion adena.
- All items via community Alt+B cost only adena, including donation rewards.
- You can find a level up NPC helper in Giran.
- If you desire more adena, use (.promo command) promo code: tyfortesting

Test Server Patch: (Never mix this with your LIVE server client, use a separate client folder completely.)
Direct Link
Google Link

Important: If you are copying our Live server client to use, you must delete your entire system folder before applying this patch.

If you want the entire Test Server client without patch troubleshooting:
Google Link
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