Notices for Launch and changes to account registration.


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- Dear players, if you do not use our v4.0 Client you will not be able to connect, so don't think that you will be able to login with older versions, our protection will not allow it!
*Download L2Axis v4.0 Client

- We do NOT support custom interfaces, it is not against our rules but.. use them at your own risk. Custom interfaces could interfere with your gameplay and client stability or cause critical errors.

- We are not going to require you to confirm your email when you register a master account on the website, BUT be sure to use your real email, otherwise you won't be able to reset your password in the future! For those who are confused about accounts.. you will no longer auto create accounts ingame. You will need to make a master account via Once you have created a master account - you can then login to it and make your game accounts.

We are excited to open the world of Aden up to everyone, good luck adventurers, see you soon! Special thanks to beta testers for assisting us!

Adventure Begins: March 12, 2022 [ 15:00 GMT ]