suggestion for the server


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good afternoon players Through this forum I suggest before our RockStar admin the following changes for the server: Deploy Ramona instance as Baylor's is deprecated (It is worth noting that this does not drop Donation Coins) but if items were chosen Elegy item exchange market, for example I have heavy boots and I want to exchange them for light, an npc offers this possibility in exchange for Donate coins (in this way it would activate the trade of them) Olympiads 1 character per IP It is already too notorious the way in which certain users pass points between their characters, unfairly gaining the hero status in several of them


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the server is good as it is.more donate coins options more people leave.the only thing i dont like in this server is that subclass is max lvl 80.i prefer it 85.ofcorse this is my opinion


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I think the aerver already good as it

and about oly.. because few players participate in

i think it's ok for now.. if it is made only 1 per ip.. we will never see the match in oly for now ( im not anarchy members btw)

and also if only if.. many players register on oly.. feed with box is not an issue anymore.. because every match will be random

the best thing to do right now is.. come and register.. because if we beat the opponent with big points and we also have big points too.. then we will take the opponent's points.. a lot

it's useless they do feed

if we say they become heroes because of the feed.. and because of that we don't register at oly.. until when do we want to register in oly

if we reg and suddenly we meet their box = thx for free points

The point is just reg

I dont know what to say anymore.. And dont have idea why the players dont want to reg