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Hi all,

I realise that for admin and developers fixing the bugs are the priority for now (and that's good), but I want to ask you about an opinion of what I had in my head about a way of attracting new players to join L2 Axis.

It's been over a month from the server start, so I think it's very important for everyone that new people come to the server, but that the current players stay on the server.

From my perspective, we have a server that allows you to auto-farm for free, which is very cool, but most people target is to 1. log in, 2. set-up a bots and just 3. looking if they have not bugged or died yet, and so on over and over again.
If you are not part of the bigger clan that has perspective to fight for the epic and event bosses or doing instances like Freya/Tezza I can understand that you are losing motivation.

1. I thought it would add variety to the game if we added a few events to the game with some nice rewards. For example:

- Team vs team
- Capture the flag
- Treasure chest event
- 1 month period collection events for 7day epic jawelry

2. I can see that we are 23th on Hopzone, and good luck finding L2 Axis on Topzone. So I suggest:

More posts on L2 & MMORPG forums, better reward for voting, updating l2TopZone voting page (try to find l2 Axis there), or changing for other voting website/ buy premium.

I really like the server and would like to have growing community with fair play, so please share you ideas/ suggestions in this thread.
Me and my clan is open for suggestions for any improvements.

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